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How to Clean Your Phone Case?

Jun 20,2022

Your phone goes with you everywhere during your daily use, still your case does accumulate grime or its surface is with likely alive with bacteria, all of the dirts or stains over time. All cases need a deep cleaning every time to stay viable. Luckily keeping your Sportlink case fresh and clean is easy. 

This is the most basic way on how to clean phone cases:

1. Exposing the case to water including soap

For Sportlink Waterproof Case, put your case in a container or sink, use a mixture of dish soap and water to clean out the surface debri. Please make sure to avoid getting any water near the charging ports of your phone. If you want a deeper cleaning solution of your case, simply remove your case from your device before you start the cleaning, submerged  the case into warm water with soap for 20 minutes. 

●Don’t use a rough cloths or brushes to clean the case that will scrarch the cases.

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2. Wash your Phone, wash your hands

Wash with water by submerging your phone in the sink while you wash your hands to clean out the soapy.

waterproof phone case underwater

3. Dry the case

Shake off excess moisture from the case. Use a clean cloth to wipe the case to dry. 

●We recommend to use a microfiber cloth on the screen so the screen doesn't get scratched.

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As long as you're constantly washing your hands anyway, throw in the Sportlink waterproof case that can safely be submerged in soap and water. Your case do need a clean bath too.

For details step on how to clean your waterproof phone, check out this video for more information.