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About Sportlink

Brand Story:  Accompanying Every Journey
In today's society, more and more people are pursuing an active lifestyle. They love outdoor sports, enjoy travel and adventure, and cherish every moment of close contact with nature. From morning runs to weekend hikes, from surfing at the beach to camping in the mountains, their lives are full of energy and adventure. But whether in the concrete jungle of the city or the embrace of nature, protecting their mobile devices is equally important. These devices are not just communication tools but also assistants that record life's moments. It is against this background that SPORTLINK was born.


Born from Life, Driven by Need
The founder of SPORTLINK is also a city dweller who loves outdoor activities. During a trip, his phone was damaged by accidental water exposure, losing precious travel records. This experience made him realize the need for a phone case that could protect the device while adapting to various life scenarios. Thus, he decided to create SPORTLINK, focusing on designing and manufacturing the most durable and reliable waterproof phone cases.


Excellence in Every Detail, Protecting Every Moment
In the product design process, the SPORTLINK team delved into the real needs of active lifestyle enthusiasts. Whether it's daily fitness runs or occasional outdoor camping, SPORTLINK's products have undergone rigorous testing and validation. Every waterproof case is made with the latest materials and technology to ensure excellent protection in various environments. At the same time, we emphasize the lightness and ease of use of the product, allowing users to enjoy their activities without worrying about the safety of their devices.


Trust and Companionship, Enjoying Life Together
SPORTLINK is not just a brand but a partner for every active lifestyle enthusiast. Our products accompany users through countless urban and natural landscapes, recording countless beautiful moments. Whether it's daily commuting or a weekend getaway, SPORTLINK is always by your side, protecting your device and letting you enjoy every journey with peace of mind. Because we believe that every active moment in life is worth protecting and recording. 


SPORTLINK, accompanying every journey.

Why Sportlink?

Sportlink gives you the confidence and freedom to take your mobile device with you wherever you go, whatever you do.

SPORTLINK Quick Mounts


a perfect collection of mounts designed for active lifestyles. Including belt clips, armbands, bike mounts, and quick mounts for cycling, running, driving, golfing, and more, these mounts pair perfectly with SPORTLINK waterproof cases. They ensure your device is protected and easily accessible, keeping your hands free. 

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