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How to Test a Waterproof Phone Case?

Jul 28,2022

The Sportlink Waterproof Case  is made to protect your iPhone from submersion in water up to 2 meters. But before the case ever makes the journey to the lake or the pool, it should be tested to ensure that the case and its seals are in working order.

●Install the Case without the device

  1. Pick up the front case, and line up the back case with the front.
  2. Firmly press around the entire perimeter of the case.
  3. Double check the case to make sure the seam around the edges is fully closed.

●Perform the water test

  1. Place the case in the water and weigh it down with something not too heavy.
  2. Leave the case underwater for 30 minutes.
  3. Completely dry the outside of the case. There should be no visible water drops inside although some minor condensation might appear if there is a significant difference in temperature between the water and the room. If it looks dry inside, the case has passed the test and it is ready for use.waterproof phone case