best car phone mount
Car Mount with Waterproof Case
cell phone holder for car
phone holder for desk
best car phone mount
Car Mount with Waterproof Case
cell phone holder for car
phone holder for desk
best car phone mount
Car Mount with Waterproof Case
cell phone holder for car
phone holder for desk

Car Mount with Waterproof Case

Whether you are driving on the road or on the water, you can easily and quickly mount your smartphone with this iPhone car mount to any windshield, dashboard, or other non-porous surfaces!
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Easy, Quick, Safe, and Waterproof

The Sportlink waterproof iPhone car mount cellphone holder is the perfect solution for mounting your iPhone onto the car dashboard, windshield, or any non-porous surface. It turns any windshield into a sturdy perch for your smartphone that enables super-stable 360° positioning. Keep your device in view, your hands on the wheel, and your focus on the road!

What's Included

1 x Car Mount
1 x Waterproof case for your selected iPhone model
1 x Ring Adaptor K4


Easy, Quick, and Functional

Sportlink EasyMount is the ultimate smartphone mounting system that offers versatility and speed. With its patented quick-locking mechanism as the foundation, it provides a secure and easy-to-use system for mounting your phone in a snap. Its fast and simple mounting process allows for limitless applications, whether it's on your bicycle, motorcycle, or car, during fitness activities, at the office, or in your everyday life. Sportlink EasyMount makes your active lifestyle easier and more convenient, enhancing your on-the-go experience like never before!

Ultimate Phone Protection

Don't let wet weather dampen your spirits! With Sportlink's waterproof, drop-proof, mudproof, and dustproof cases, you can say goodbye to worries about getting wet. Our waterproof case is designed to protect your iPhone from drops, dust, snow, and water, making it your best bet for safeguarding your phone on both land and water. Enjoy peace of mind and keep your phone safe in any weather condition with Sportlink's durable and reliable waterproof case!

All-in-one combo

Experience the perfect combo with your selected EasyMount phone holder and our ultimate water and drop protection case for your iPhone. Whether you're using it on a Bike Mount or any other optional Mounts, our bundle includes all the components you need for a secure and convenient device mount. It's the perfect all-in-one solution to keep your phone protected while you're on the go. Ride with confidence knowing your iPhone is secured with Sportlink's premium phone holder and protective case!