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Where Can You Mount Your Phone in Car?

Dec 28,2021

Have you ever wondered where is the best place in the car to mount a cell phone? I think it's depending on where you want to put them in your car.

Sportlink gots all kinds of mounts ready for different locations,  Click the below links to take a look at where is the best place to mount your phone and what type of mounts may best suit your preference.

These phone mounts provide a safe and straightforward way to make calls, get accurate directions to your destination, use your phone's voice assistant features, and the 360-degree rotatable ball joint allows you to adjust your phone to any angle. And the coolest part is that they can come on and off your dashboard or wherever you end up putting it really easily, so it's really nice to be able to easily pull your phone off from the mount as well as put it back on. 

We hope our article will help you to choose the best place to mount your smartphone in the car, but if you still have some questions feel free to contact us!


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